What is this?

Un-Diplomatic is not your average newsletter. It’s highly curated, so it’s not daily. And it’s not just a roundup of news. Un-Diplomatic offers unusually candid takes on foreign policy and the Washington conventional wisdom. A wonk’s perspective, but in an undiplomatic style. I pull no punches, talking about foreign policy in a way that nobody in Washington does (publicly).

Who is Dr. Van Jackson?

The most important question of all. Aside from being the author of the Un-Diplomatic newsletter, I’m a career Washington foreign policy wonk, now international relations scholar and think tanker. I’m also host of The Un-Diplomatic Podcast, which provides irreverent hot takes on world affairs and Washington thinking. I have the good fortune of no longer relying professionally on DC insider access or funding from any particular source, so I’m able to speak my mind in a unique way that Washington’s pundit class usually can’t. My official site.

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